Tire Shootout Invitational Results
Tire Shootout Points based on 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1
Total Points to Date

​​​2016 SCHEDULE

25th Linda's open practice 
2nd Lanco 
16th Susky 
22nd  Lindas
30th Susky 
6th Linda's 
13th Big D  / Glenn Ridge 
20th Albany Saratoga 
27th Accord
28th Susky 
3rd Glenn Ridge wingless 
10th Williams Grove  Mowhawk 
12th Susky   / Rpm
24th Glenn Ridge 
25th GVAT
1st Linda's / Albany Saratoga 
2nd  Lanco 
9th GVAT
15th Rpm AMSQ
16th Cornwall AMSQ 
22nd  I88
23rd  Thunder Mountain 
30th  GVAT
5th  Accord
12th Glenn Ridge 
13th Thunder Mountain 
14th Susky
15th Path
16th Lanco 
17th Lincoln 
19th Linda's  / Mowhawk 
27th GVAT Susky 
2nd  Thunder Mountain 
3rd Thunder Mountain 
10th GVAT
17th Susky 
30th Linda's 
7th  I88 national 
8th I88 national
29th Accord 

​Welcome to SidewinderSprints.com

Sidewinder Sprints - The future is now!

 When Sidewinder Sprints were created, there was a void in a more cost effective racing solution.  Everything was diagnosed.  Costs were the # 1 factor and a set of rules were developed to entice teams to make a cost effective transition. With tire rules and cockpit adjuster limitations along with the requirement for the cost effective stock engines, the Sidewinders were able to fill a void.

Doing something that was never done before (1000cc engines in a 600cc micro chassis) helped teams contain costs as a new 1000cc engine was costing less than a 600cc freshen.

All over America, the rules for both 600cc and 1000cc racing were fragmented and varied. There were not any national standards and therefore having South Central Pennsylvania do their own thing was not a big deal. History had shown that South Central Pennsylvania had a tendency to go it alone. They already had a local 358 Sprint and Super Sportsman division that were not raced elsewhere.

Times change and we now see the potential for consolidation of 1000cc rules. A National Championship has been scheduled for September 2016 (Labor Day Weekend) and the rules and structure are being developed for National and Regional Series starting in 2017.

While 2016 will be a hiatus of sorts for Sidewinder Sprints, it will be the start of a new chapter in 1000cc racing locally. 

 While the name and structure may change in 2017 (more of a committee type regional structure as part of the National endeavor),  please know that I will still offer my time and services in the future to help ensure the success of the new direction.

We would be amiss without extending our thanks to all of our sponsors throughout the years and especially Lias Tire / American Racer and Hoosier  Mid-Atlantic for their support of our season points funds.

 Once again,  our sincere thanks for all of the teams, sponsors and race tracks support throughout the years. we know that we have many great memories and look forward to creating more with all of you in the future